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Solo una argentina que trata de hacerles reir.

n/a, Female


San Luis


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Posted by OtraHispanaMas - September 25th, 2017

Nothing to say.

Posted by OtraHispanaMas - August 17th, 2017

Diz: What'cha going to do when you arrive


Police: Hello, come with us >:)

*insert here RT1*

???: i am not useless.

Phil: Miss COFFEE, we were abducted.

Cophey: Make the make-up work.

Quiz: No they won't

Phil: Hello Mr. Cliché

Quiz: Thanks Egghead for leaving my boss COLD.

*ba dum tss*

*coming to the teacher's lounge*

Quiz: Hello

Phil: Make a quiz


Phil: You're an useless cheater

Quiz: You're right i am not true leader.


Phil: Be a true leader

Diz: I am a true traitor -with a ship-

Phil: And Smiley, you have a beautiful smile

Smiley and RB: *feelings*

Quiz: Imma sacrifice

Phil: No

Quiz: No

Phil: Yes. -takes the escape pod-


Smiley: -hugs Phil-

Phil: -smiles-


Regular Beaner: -crying- WHAT A NICE ENDING MAH GAWD

Posted by OtraHispanaMas - August 14th, 2017

Phil: Hola, odio la escuela. / Hello, i hate school.

Phil: Si, me escape... 3 veces / Yay i escaped... three times.

Profe: Jajaja, feliz dia de los inocentes / Happy April Fools

Phil: Oh no

Profe: Muere. / Die.


Phil: Fui abducido / I was abducted.


Diz: Hola, te maté en tus sueños para que despertaras a tus amigos / Hello, i killed you in your dreams so you could wake up your friends.

Phil: Oh wow

Viz: Freeze earth with Zack's cold. / A congelar el planeta con el frio de Zack.

Phil: Freeze you with Zack's cold / A congelarte con el frio de Zack

*Viz got frozen / Viz es congelado*

Phil: Thank you Diz. / Gracias Diz

Zack: Yaaaay I have no cold anymore / Yaaaay, ya no tengo frio.

Smiley: There is friends and alien friends.

*Going to Earth / Yendo a la Tierra*

Posted by OtraHispanaMas - August 13th, 2017

¡Holowos! Tengo una idea / Howdy-dowdy! I have an idea.

Como los que ya vieron mi arte saben, dibujo countryballs. Solamente hice arte. Pero... ¿Y si hiciera una historia de esas pelotillas geográficas? Además, les dejaría darme ideas, juntaría los comentarios que me gustaron y los uso en los capitulos / As the people who already seen my art knows, i draw countryballs. I only did art. But... If i made a story about that little geographic balls? Besides, i could let you give me ideas, i'd combine the comments i liked and use them in the episodes.

Necesito sus opiniones. ¿Remover historia o proteger historia? / I need your opinions. Remove story or protect story?