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Riddle School in a nutshell 1

2017-08-14 20:58:55 by OtraHispanaMas

Phil: Hola, odio la escuela. / Hello, i hate school.

Phil: Si, me escape... 3 veces / Yay i escaped... three times.

Profe: Jajaja, feliz dia de los inocentes / Happy April Fools

Phil: Oh no

Profe: Muere. / Die.


Phil: Fui abducido / I was abducted.


Diz: Hola, te maté en tus sueños para que despertaras a tus amigos / Hello, i killed you in your dreams so you could wake up your friends.

Phil: Oh wow

Viz: Freeze earth with Zack's cold. / A congelar el planeta con el frio de Zack.

Phil: Freeze you with Zack's cold / A congelarte con el frio de Zack

*Viz got frozen / Viz es congelado*

Phil: Thank you Diz. / Gracias Diz

Zack: Yaaaay I have no cold anymore / Yaaaay, ya no tengo frio.

Smiley: There is friends and alien friends.

*Going to Earth / Yendo a la Tierra*


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