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Riddle School in a nutshell but it's the second part

2017-08-17 20:33:48 by OtraHispanaMas

Diz: What'cha going to do when you arrive


Police: Hello, come with us >:)

*insert here RT1*

???: i am not useless.

Phil: Miss COFFEE, we were abducted.

Cophey: Make the make-up work.

Quiz: No they won't

Phil: Hello Mr. Cliché

Quiz: Thanks Egghead for leaving my boss COLD.

*ba dum tss*

*coming to the teacher's lounge*

Quiz: Hello

Phil: Make a quiz


Phil: You're an useless cheater

Quiz: You're right i am not true leader.


Phil: Be a true leader

Diz: I am a true traitor -with a ship-

Phil: And Smiley, you have a beautiful smile

Smiley and RB: *feelings*

Quiz: Imma sacrifice

Phil: No

Quiz: No

Phil: Yes. -takes the escape pod-


Smiley: -hugs Phil-

Phil: -smiles-


Regular Beaner: -crying- WHAT A NICE ENDING MAH GAWD


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